6006 Route Overview
Bus Schedule(First, Last)First bus T1 06:20 / T2 06:00 /Last bus T1 23:10 / T2 22:50 /
FareAdult 17,000 wonChildren 11,000 won
ContactSeoul Airport Limousine (+82) 02-577-1343~5
Terminal Bus stop InformationT1 : 1 Floor 4No.T2 : Transportation Center Basement 1 14 No.

 *T1(Terminal 1), T2(Terminal 2)


  * On the airport bus, announcements for each bus-stop are provided in English, Chinese, and Japanese.

     Please press the Bus-bell on the window side when you wish to get off, or inform the driver in advance of your bus-stop.

  * Bus fares can be paid with designated boarding passes.

     At the airport terminal, please use the ticket office.

     In the downtown, we recommend purchasing a transit card in advance at convenience stores or similar locations.

Route Information

Bus Timetable ( Terminal 1, 2 -> Downtown Seoul )

* The information on the website is for reference only. Please check with the corresponding airline/institution/facility for accuracy.



* Please contact the bus company that you will be using for more details.

* If there is any inconvenience about using a bus service, please report it to the bus company.

* When reserving public transportation leaving from Incheon Airport, consider the arrival procedure time (1-2 hours on average) after the Flight lands.

Bus ticket office

* Terminal 1 : You can purchase tickets and get information at the bus ticket offices indoor(next to exits 4 and 9) and outdoor(near exits 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, and 13) on the 1st floor of Passenger Terminal 1. 

* Terminal 2: You can purchase bus tickets and get informaion at ticketing offices indoors on The 2nd Transportation Center (B1)

Bus Timetable ( Downtown Seoul -> Terminal 1, 2  )

* The information on the website is for reference only. Please check with the corresponding airline/institution/facility for accuracy.

Jamsilsaenae Station4:004:305:005:306:006:307:007:308:159:009:3010:0010:4011:1011:4012:2013:1013:5014:2014:5515:3516:1016:5017:4018:2519:1020:30
Jamsil Sports Complex4:024:325:025:326:026:327:027:328:179:029:3210:0210:4211:1211:4212:2213:1213:5214:2214:5715:3716:1216:5217:4218:2719:1220:32
COEX Mall, Samseong Station4:054:355:055:356:056:357:057:358:209:059:3510:0510:4511:1511:4512:2513:1513:5514:2515:0015:4016:1516:5517:4518:3019:1520:35
Riviera Hotel, Aloft Seoul Gangnam Hotel4:084:385:085:386:086:387:087:388:239:089:3810:0810:4811:1811:4812:2813:1813:5814:2815:0315:4316:1816:5817:4818:3319:1820:38
Prima Hotel, Entra Hotel4:114:415:115:416:116:417:117:428:279:129:4210:1210:5211:2211:5212:3213:2214:0214:3215:0715:4716:2217:0217:5218:3719:2220:42
Galleria Department Store4:154:455:155:456:156:457:157:468:319:169:4610:1610:5611:2611:5612:3613:2614:0614:3615:1115:5116:2617:0617:5618:4119:2620:46
Apgujeong Station, Hyundai APT.4:174:475:175:476:176:477:177:498:349:199:4910:1910:5911:2911:5912:3913:2914:1014:4015:1515:5516:3017:1018:0018:4519:3020:50
Miseong APT.4:214:515:215:516:216:517:217:538:389:239:5310:2311:0311:3312:0312:4313:3314:1414:4415:1915:5916:3417:1418:0418:4919:3420:54